Some of the questions Sam answered on Reddit.

Q: What is your dream car?
A: My dream car is actually my daily driver.. it’s my F150. I’m not a huge fan of sports cars, a lot of them are too small for me to fit in. I love my truck.

Q: What was your “Welcome to the NFL” moment?
A: It was probably my first game. I thought training camp practices were fast, then we got into the pre-season, and I thought things were then going REALLY fast. I’ll definitely remember the first game.

Q: Where is your Heisman trophy right now?
A: It’s been at my parents until this year. I think my mom was tired of it being in her living room so I took it to my home office

Q: What is your favorite band?
A: Kings of Leon never get old for me. The Black Keys. The XX. I still love all the old Arcade Fire stuff too

Q: How do you think this year’s  Rams team compares to the greatest show on turf days?
A: Haha, it’s hard to compare a team who hasn’t played a game to a team whose won the Super Bowl. But I’m optimistic, we’ve acquired a lot of great play makers, our teams defense played really well last year — all the pieces are in play for the team to be really great this year. –Sam

Q: What do you think the biggest transition was from the college game to the pro game?
A: The biggest transition was the speed of the game.

Q: Favorite spot to hang out when you go back to Norman?
A: My favorite spot in Norman is Victoria’s pasta shop. Best restaurant in all of Oklahoma.

Q: What are your opinions on a freshman joining your elite fraternity, and on the media circus that’s followed him this offseason? What about how he’s handled it/been portrayed as behaving since the award? Have any of you met him outside of the night he received the trophy?
A: I have no problem with a freshman, I actually thinks its cool. He was the best college football player this last season, so he deserved it. I feel bad for him with the media attention he’s getting. It’s hard to enjoy college if everything you’re doing is being filmed.

Q: Did you have other plans for a career if football didn’t work out?
A: If I wasn’t a football player, I probably would have ended up going to Law School. It’s always intrigued me. It opens your eyes to new things. If not that, something in the business world.

Q: if you got to vote during the year you won the Heisman and could not vote for yourself, who do you select?
A: I probably would have voted for Colt.

Q: Outside of the team you played for what is your next favorite college football team?
A: I don’t have one. I grew up an Oklahoma fan.

Q: I see a comment about how winning the Heisman opened doors and opportunities for you, but did it also create any difficulties or handicaps for you? If so, what difficulties/challenges surprised you the most?
A:  It came with certain opportunities, that’s why I’m here today - for speaking requests, etc. The difficulty would go back to the attention. For a while it’s hard to go anywhere without someone coming up to you. Most people are really nice about it, but it’s hard being alone sometimes.

Q: I can’t imagine how hard it was for you when you injured your shoulder your junior year. But what was going through your mind when you re-injured your right shoulder later that year? Did it plant any doubts about what would happen in the upcoming draft for you?
A: I always knew if I needed to I could come back to school the next year since I was just a junior at the time. But it was definitely frustrating, since you want to play and not be on the sidelines. But I knew that it wasn’t going to affect me, and it didn’t.

Q: Can you provide us with a typical work week?
A: Typically, during the season, we spend (including games) 15 hours a week on the field. The meeting time is about 40-50 hours a week. It’s a lot. And working out, probably 3 hours a week.